Dog breeds for small homes

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Can a dog live happily in a small home?

There are several dog breeds that are adept at living in a compact space, whether you live in an apartment or have a small yard.

Although small dogs tend to fall into this category, don’t let their size fool you! Some small dog breeds are full of energy and can become destructive if they are cooped up, and some larger dog breeds are comfortable living in an apartment. Therefore, do your research before adopting a dog and make sure you are fully prepared for the responsibility of being a dog owner. 

Despite some dogs being happy in a small space, every dog needs to have time outside to explore and sniff. As such, be sure to take your dog to the local park or for a decent walk every day. And if you are too busy, a Pawshake dog walker will be able to help you out.

The top 10 best dog breeds for small homes and yards

There are many dog breeds that can live happily in a small home or apartment. These top ten dog breeds have the temperament, energy levels and physical characteristics that make them ideal for living in a compact home.

1. Greyhound

Greyhound dog

Although Greyhounds can vary in size from small to large, they love nothing more than sunbaking in a patch of sun or napping. They will need a decent burst of exercise each day, so it’s best if you take them out for a walk each day. They will repay you in couch cuddles!

2. French Bulldog

French bulldog

French Bulldogs, or ‘Frenchies’, are charismatic dogs that make great apartment pets. They are sensitive to extreme temperatures, so are best kept in air conditioning on hot or cold days. They do love human company, so are a perfect dog for those who work from home.

3. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terriers or ‘Yorkies’ have a whole lot of personality in a tiny package! They are loyal and loving but do need stimulation and attention daily. These little dogs are adaptable and happy as long as they are near their favourite human. 

4. Pomeranian


Loyal Pomeranians are known for their fluffy coat and cute looks. As such, they do require frequent grooming. However, it’s well worth it, as these bundles of joy will keep you entertained with their fun antics all day long.

5. Maltese 

Maltese dog

The friendly Maltese loves nothing more than to play and make new friends. They have a low-shedding coat, making them a great breed for indoor living. They do tend to bark, so take this into account before adopting.

6. Poodle


Poodles are super intelligent and trainable dogs that don’t shed much, making them perfect for indoor living. They do come in several sizes, so you might opt for a miniature or toy poodle if your home is quite small. Be sure to take your poodle out for regular walks as they do need to burn energy.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a happy-go-lucky, calm breed that loves nothing more than cuddling on a lap. These dogs are perfect for singles, older owners or families with kids, however,  house training might need a little patience. 

8. Dachshund


Dachshunds are loyal, low maintenance dogs that are ideal for compact living. Although they do need regular exercise, be extra careful that they don’t do anything too impactful that could harm their spine. This can include jumping or high-speed running on hard floors.

9. Pug

Monarchs and aristocrats have adored pugs throughout history, and it’s easy to see why. These loyal lapdogs love nothing more than being close to their fave human, whether this is in a palace or small apartment! They do require regular grooming around their skin folds, so take this into account when choosing a pug as a pet.

10. Chihuahua


The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed, and this size really works in a small space. They are compact enough to be happy in even the smallest spaces, as long as they have plenty of stimulation and cuddles.