Travelling with your dog: tips for a pet-friendly holiday

Travelling with your dog: tips for a pet-friendly holiday


There's nothing better than spending holidays together with your pet. But traveling should not only be fun for you as a pet owner: your dog should also have an enjoyable and comfortable experience. Here are the most important tips to ensure a pet-friendly holiday with your dog.

Choose your destination

Do you want to go on holiday with your pet this year? Then your adventure begins with finding a pet-friendly destination. A city trip may not be the best idea for a dog, however, a dog-friendly campsite in a rural, coastal or bushland environment could be a true paradise for your dog! Although some dogs don't mind traveling at all, a long journey can be very tiring and confusing for your dog. A destination close to home is therefore highly recommended. For example, choose a nice campsite where dogs are welcome or a cabin or hotel where you can bring your pet. Be sure to check permissions in case there are any restrictions on bringing your pet into the area, especially around National Parks.

Preparing your trip

  • Microchipping: make sure your dog is microchipped. Also, make sure the microchip registration is up-to-date, with your current address and contact details.
  • Vaccinations and worming: Be sure that your dog's vaccination, flea and worming treatment is up to date. It's also worth discussing tick treatment beforehand if you are going to an area with vegetation.

Travelling by car

Are you planning on travelling by car? Then buy a safety harness in which you can secure your pet comfortably. Is your dog not used to riding long distances? Then start practising short car rides long before your trip begins. 

Some dogs can become sick in a car. Veterinary medicines for travel sickness are available, so have a chat with your vet. Also, make sure to ventilate your car during the trip, drive carefully and calmly and stop every now and then for a toilet break and a walk. During the ride, make sure your dog can look through the window, which will prevent them from feeling nauseous.

Travelling by plane

Flying with your dog can seem like a challenge, but it's not impossible! Make sure you register your pet with the airline company well in advance.

You need a suitable travel carrier - the airline will set strict requirements on the dimensions of the crate, so check out what kind of carrier you need. Tip: it's easiest to choose one on wheels, considering all the lengthy walks at the airport for example. Let your dog get used to the travel carrier from early on. Make sure it's a nice place. Just leave the crate in the house for a while, give your dog a treat once in a while and make a 'test drive' so that your dog will feel comfortable in the carrier during the trip. You can always approach a pet-travel company such as Jetpets to help you through by providing advice all the way.

During travelling 

Make sure your dog has a proper walk shortly before leaving to ensure that he or she burns some energy - the trip will be a lot more relaxing! Make sure there is enough drinking water available, even during the trip, but don't give him or her any food a few hours before departure to prevent nausea. 

Keep your dog cool during the ride at all times. Let your dog sit in the shade and make sure there is water available. Is not your dog a drinker? Ice cubes in a cool box might do the trick. They are fun to play with and provide some extra hydration. And it's so important to keep stressing this: never EVER leave your dog alone in a car. The temperature can rise very quickly even on a cool day and this can be fatal.

Hiring a pet sitter on your trip

During your stay, you might want to do something without your dog. For example, if you visit a city and want to explore, or go to a bushland reserve or National Park where dogs are not allowed. Fortunately, Pawshake is active all over Australia. This means you can also book your pet sitter during your holiday! Then you can enjoy your time without worrying about your pooch getting bored or agitated.

So how do you book your out-of-town pet sitter? With the free Pawshake App for Android or iOS: set your search location to your holiday destination. Do you prefer to use the Pawshake website: simply search for your destination in the search box on the home page. 

Convenient packing list for your dog

It's better to take too much stuff for your dog than too little. Print this list so you don't forget to bring:

  • Collar, leash including tag
  • Pet picture and description
  • Travel carrier
  • Dry food, chewing snacks
  • Favorite pillow / bed
  • Favorite toys
  • Poop bags
  • Brush / comb
  • Drinking bowl and water bottles
  • A spiral and a long line to fix the dog (on the campsite)
  • A squeegee to remove hair from furniture and carpet (in hotels or cabins)
  • Paw booties if you are going somewhere chilly
  • Safety vest if you are near the water
  • Coat (for colder, rainy areas)
  • Medications, first aid box
  • Tick remover
  • Paper towels and cleaning material

Would your dog rather stay at home?

Is your dog sick, old, pregnant or just a bit tense or anxious? Or do you find it very difficult to take your dog on a trip? Then just don't force your pet to go on holiday. Hundreds of loving pet sitters are waiting to take care of your dog while you're travelling. So that you can go on a trip with peace of mind because you know that your dog also has the best time - just in the comfort of home! Book a pet sitter now