Pet-friendly travelling with "Bring Fido"

Author picture Pawshake

Would you like to take your pet along on holiday? He doesn’t need to stay home all the time, after all! Via “Bring Fido”, you can find pet-friendly hotels all over the world.

Melissa Halliburton from California is a huge pet lover. Each summer, she insisted on taking her pets along on her summer holiday in her motor home. Melissa is a real travelling addict and was very frustrated with the lack of pet-friendly hotels. It inspired her to start a website where pet owners can easily find pet-friendly hotels all over the world. Every month her company helps 100,000 pet owners take their beloved Fido with them on holiday. Wow!

But what if you prefer to leave your pet at home in their familiar country and environment? Pawshake has the answer - find a pet sitter in your area via our website! This way, your pet is cared for by trusted pet sitters :-)

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