Combining pets with (fulltime) work

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Most pet owners would give their furry friends the world if they could. Unfortunately, you cannot revolve everything in your life around your pet ... or can you? Can you successfully juggle work and pet duties? And is a full-time job really compatible with responsible dog or cat ownership? Discover our 7 tips for combining work and pets.

1. Pets at work

Research reveals that bringing your pet to work promotes a better working atmosphere and simultaneously reduces absenteeism - two compelling reasons for bringing it up with your manager or supervisor! Indeed, an office cat or dog actively reduces stress, boosts productivity and makes for happier employees all-round. Walking the office pooch, together with your colleagues, is great for team building, whilst taking time out of your busy schedule to cuddle the company cat is an excellent way to clear your head. And, most importantly: your pet is never alone! Naturally, your pet’s welfare must always come first: if your pet is anxious or uncomfortable in your work environment then it’s clearly not a viable solution. Likewise, if you have a colleague who is terrified of dogs or allergic to cats, consider their needs and comfort at work first.

2. Working from home

Freelancing goes hand in hand with flexible working. Yet, modern technology is also enabling a growing number of permanent employees to work from home - a great development for pet owners, who can consequently ensure that their beloved pet has company during the day and/or enjoys an afternoon walk or cuddle.

3. Working part-time

How long can dogs be left alone? It’s a subject of intense debate. Many cats are perfectly happy to entertain themselves while you’re at the office, provided they receive sufficient attention and exercise in the evening. Dogs, on the other hand, simply cannot spend so much time alone. Leaving your dog alone for 8 hours at a time is an absolute no-no. Part-time work therefore presents a potential solution. Many dog owners only work mornings for example, thus keeping their afternoons free for dog walking duties.

A dog walker can keep your dog company during the day

4. Co-parenting

Work part-time? Then why not arrange for your dog to stay with a co-parent? This is a popular solution for couples who have separated or divorced. They effectively 'share' their pet. This can be a particularly good arrangement for your pet, who continues to receive care and attention from their other 'parent' on the days that you work. However, there are some drawbacks. The constantly changing environment can be confusing for some pets. So, always determine whether this is a suitable solution on a pet-by-pet basis.

5. Involve family members

If you share a household with several occupants, then you can also share the responsibility for looking after your pet. Make clear agreements with your children or housemates about who takes the dog out, plays with the cat or cleans the rabbit hutch, and when. The arrival of a new pet is often met with a considerable amount of enthusiasm. Once the novelty wears off, however, some family members may start taking less of an interest. Make firm agreements. And draw up a dog walking schedule that’s compatible with work and school commitments to ensure that your pet receives sufficient care and attention.

6. Hire a pet sitter

Personal pet sitters are ideal for those who believe in small-scale pet care. Your trusted pet sitter will happily perform home visits or personal dog walking services whilst you’re out earning a crust. Alternatively, you can opt to drop your pampered pooch off at a local doggy day care provider. You can easily find and book a local animal lover who’ll take exceptional care of your pet via the Pawshake website.

Search for a pet sitter

7. Working with animals

As far as we at Pawshake are concerned, working with pets is a match made in heaven. Obviously, it’s much easier for your own pet to tag along if you happen to work with animals yourself. Pet sitters, for example, can readily arrange their work around their pets. If you become a dog walker, then your faithful friend can accompany your dog walking service. And, if you provide day care services, then your own pets can help keep your furry clients thoroughly entertained.

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Full-time work and pets. Is it possible?

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from combining these 7 solutions: why not engage the services of a pet sitter on certain days of the week and your family members on others, for example? And perhaps you can arrange to work from home one day a week? As you can see, it’s perfectly possible to combine a full-time job with responsible pet ownership, providing your pet's welfare remains your number one priority. Too much back and forth can be unsettling for animals. So, make sure that your pet’s home life is as stable as possible. That way your furry companion will feel safe and secure.

How do you manage to juggle work and pet responsibilities? Share your experiences and tips in the comment section below!