5 reasons why rescue dogs are the best

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Pet owners who have ever adopted a dog know this: giving a second chance to a living creature is a truly beautiful thing! Many people choose to adopt a dog through a shelter or rescue animal organisation. Here are 5 reasons why adopting a dog is so rewarding + what you need to know to adopt a dog responsibly.

1. You give a dog a new chance in life

It is the best feeling in the world: a dog that has been in a shelter for years (or, at worst, is even in danger of being put to sleep), is, at last, given a warm, loving home. 'Saving' a dog is a genuinely rewarding experience. Please remember that a stray dog may have already had a turbulent life, and that your home should really be their forever home. Therefore, make sure that your life and your whole family is 100% ready for this dog to be a permanent family member for the rest of his or her life.

2. It's no beauty contest

Rescue dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some shelters may have the occasional purebred dog, but many will contain mixed breeds. Dogs that don't get picked by new owners willl often have something a little special about them: they may have a medical condition, have a crazy ear, are old or have a limp.

Adopting a dog is not a beauty contest. It can be enormously gratifying to choose a dog that has something a little unique about them that you can maybe help out with. Moreover, mixed breeds can be very strong and healthy dogs because they don't have congenital defects in their genetic makeup. Best of all, they can be super sweet and loving! 

zwarte mix hond

3. You will see improvements in your adopted dog

Many rescue dogs have had a difficult life because of lack of stability or traumatic experiences. So it's not always going to be easy to get your dog used to its new life and family. Dogs with problematic behaviour need an experienced and patient owner. If you have the time and energy to offer this dog a safe and happy home, it can be enormously rewarding.

A scared or insecure dog can slowly regain their confidence. And with the right approach, you can see a poorly socialised dog flourish again. Do you have little or no experience with dogs? Or do you have a busy family life? Then choose a dog with as few behavioural problems as possible. A good rescue organization will always inform you honestly and thoroughly about the background and behaviour of the dog to make sure you are the right match.

4. You'll never be alone again

When you adopt a dog, you will have a companion for life and won't ever be lonely. Many adoption dogs suffer from separation anxiety, which means that your life will change as your dog may need constant care: working full-time or going on a holiday is no longer a given.

To make it easier for you, it is important to find yourself a good backup: therefore find one or more reliable dog sitters in your area who can help out by dog sitting when you aren't available. At Pawshake, you will find dog sitters who can either take your pooch into their home, or stay in your home so that your dog can remain in their own environment with the company and care of the dog sitter. With a good dog sitter in hand, your dog will never have to feel lonely again.

An adopted dog becomes a friend for life

5. You do not contribute to bad breeders or puppy farms

Of course, it can also be fun to own a purebred dog and you might have a good reason to choose a specific breed. But unfortunately, there are also many purebred dogs that have congenital health issues. There are also some 'bad breeders' and puppy farming practices out there that compromise on animal wellbeing. Choosing to adopt a dog can, if done through the right channels, be the safer, more responsible choice.

Where do you adopt a dog? 

Many pets are waiting for a loving owner! You can connect with many of the best, you can find pets in the Netherlands that desperately need a new home here.

Be sure that the adoption organisation you use provides comprehensive pre-care and after-care and that properly informs you about the medical history of your new pooch and possible behavioural problems. A good organization ensures that your rescue dog is neutered, vaccinated, chipped and registered.