Delightful Space For Your Dog!

Delightful Space For Your Dog!

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Utrecht Pawshaker since Jan 2018
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Hattie's furry clients.


Hi, I'm Hattie!

Hello, I'm Hattie, a British student in my final year of my Bachelors. I love dogs and all animals, and having grown up on a small farm, am very experienced with taking care of them. I am calm and patient, so dogs tend to be very relaxed around me. That being said, my family dog is a Springer Spaniel so I know how to keep energetic dogs entertained! 

My apartment is spacious and clean, there is plenty of space for a dog to be comfortable here. The small area outdoors is enough for them to go to the toilet and get some fresh air, and I live very near Julianapark so your pet can get some proper excercise!

Over the next few months, I will be working at home regularly, so will be quite flexible in your booking needs, as well as your dogs needs. As I said before, I'm very experienced with all animals, so in the case of an emergency or any problems your pet may have I will be quick and efficient in responding. 

It's also worth mentioning my love for dogs; taking care of your dog would bring me a lot of happiness, they really are great animals.



Specific Skills

Familiar with dog training techniques
<1 year of experience

I am first aid trained for both people and horses, and although dogs aren't quite the same as horses, the basic principal applies! I also have a lot of experience in training dogs, having taken both of my previous dogs to puppy training, as well as taught them a variety of tricks in my own time. 

I also offer

Dog training


Last minute bookings
Flexible cancellation policy
accept only 1 client at a time

My place

I have

No kids
A fully fenced backyard
A small outdoor area

When your pet stays with me

I accept


Walking areas

City park


No dogs over 45kg.

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