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Being an expat can be truly fantastic: meeting new people, absorbing a different culture and collecting many new experience. However, for the expats who are pet lovers, the adventurous lifetstyle might have a small downside. You probably have a lot of business trips, work meetings and social events at night. And unlike your home town, here you don't have a big network of family and friends who can take care of your pet when you're away. Pawshake might come in handy if you need a reliable pet sitter or dog walker in the town where you currently live. How convenient and fun? You might even meet new friends and pets!

How does it work?

First of all, set up an account. Fill out some details about you and your pet, and what kind of pet sitter you're looking for.  Add a photo of your pet and of you. You are not only curious to potential pet sitters, the pet sitters want to get to know you too! That's the first step towards getting a great match.


Now you can start searching for the ideal pet sitter in you're area. You can even search for pet sitters with specific skills, experience and services. Have a look at different profiles. Does this person appeal to you? Do you think he or she is suitable for your pet and your specific pet sitting job? Take note of the response rate and availability. Is your favorite pet sitter available? Send a message!


Send the pet sitter a message with your request. Make sure you add all the information you can think of: explain all about your pet, what's he or she like, any specifics and explain what you are looking for. If the pet sitter replies and is interested in the job, you can set up a meeting.

Meet up!

You can meet in a café or a park if you're dog is hesitant ot likely to defend its territory. During the meet up, you can get to know each other better. Ask about the dog walker's experience, way of working and take a good look at the interaction between your pet and the sitter. If you're looking for a dog walker, make sure you have a walk together upfront so you can see how the dogs behaves around the sitter. If you can both agree to book this job, make sure you write down all rules, agreements, emergency plans, stuff about feeding, walking, medicine, use of the key etcetera. It's just to be sure, so everything is clear for both parties. But if you're not sure if this is the perfect match, don't hesitate to plan a next meeting, or kindly reject this pet sitter and find another one.

Book and relax

If you have found the perfect pet sitter or dog walker, book online and pay with creditcard of paypal: it's safe and simple. Now you just can relax and enjoy your trip, work meeting or vacation. During your stay, the pet sitter can send you photo updates on the Pawshake app. Now you are sure your pet is having a great time.

Afterwards, don't forget to review and rate your pet sitter. Reviews not only give relevant feedback for the sitter, pet owners see the ratings too and it helps them to make a choice. This way, we can build a reliable and friendly network of pet sitters, wherever you're living, wherever you are.

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Have fun!