Ethical gifts for pets

Ethical gifts for pets


What makes a great gift for a pet?

The best gift a pet can ask for is your time and company! However, you might like to do something a little special this year to show your fur baby how much you love them.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas that are ethical and sustainable, as well as sure to make tails wag during this very different Christmas we are all facing. These also make excellent treats for that pet lover in your life. 

Make your own toys and treats

Set aside a weekend crafternoon making treats and toys for your best friend. These are also inexpensive, low waste and fun to make with your pet by your side. 

Some home-made gift ideas include:

Dog treat ingredients

Photographs of your pet

There's nothing nicer than looking at pet pictures, especially of your own four-legged friend. So why not grab your smartphone, pop some treats in your pocket for your model and get snapping!

You might choose to print and frame some pictures of your pet or create a gorgeous photo book to send to friends and family. Or, perhaps your pet can be on the front of your new home-made Christmas cards!

Here is a handy blog post on taking awesome pet photos. 

Plan an outdoor adventure in the new year

Things are tough this year, and not the Christmas many of us hoped for. But it can be great for your mental health to plan ahead for a fun outdoor adventure for your pet later in the new year. You might even like to bring along your favourite human friends too and have a nice reunion! 

For example, pack up the car and head to the country for a pet-friendly picnic in the sun. Or take your dog on a fun road trip or camping holiday.

Your pet will love spending time with you on their fun adventure. Plus, this mixes the routine of visiting the local dog park and creates happy memories to last a lifetime. 

Support an animal shelter

Choosing a reputable shelter to support genuinely contributes to the welfare of animals in our community, especially around Christmas time and during lockdowns.

This is a great gift for the pet lover who is hard to buy for, as it's sure to make them smile inside and out. Likewise, you might even like to make a donation to a charity or shelter on behalf of your pet!

woman and dog

Have a Pamper 

Just like us humans, your pet might appreciate a freshen-up as the weather gets cold.

You might like to spend the afternoon giving your pet a luxurious bath and brush (but be sure not to wash your pet too often! Only if they are a breed that needs more frequent grooming or have been jumping in muddy puddles). Remember that many Pawshake pet sitters offer grooming services, so be sure to ask next time you make a booking.

A healthy New Year

Caring for your pet's health is the greatest gift you can give. Therefore, incorporate your pet into your New Year's fitness resolution and commit to taking them for extra runs or walks in 2021.

You might also like to invest some time into teaching your pet some new tricks while you're staying inside or improve their eating habits with slow feeding

Many of our sitters are able to offer training services as well as sitting, so if you want to brush up your pet’s sit and stay skills then this is a great treat for later in the new year. Your pup will return home a sit-stay-come prodigy!

And if you plan to go away on your own holiday in 2021, a stay with a loving Pawshake pet sitter can be the best mini-break your pet could ask for. Search for a pet sitter today.