Booking a cat sitter? This checklist helps you pick the right one

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Considering hiring a cat sitter? Good idea! The advantage of having a cat sitter come to your home is that your cat doesn't need to be moved to an unfamiliar place and can stay in her own environment. But at the same time, it can feel quite strange to you: You are allowing a cat sitter into your home and leaving your beloved furry friend to someone you don't know very well. So, be alert and ask all the right questions.

To make things easier for you, we've made this checklist with all the questions you should be asking your cat sitter. You can print it and keep it at hand when you first meet the pet sitter in your home.


The first impression is of course always a very important one and it should give you a good idea about the sitter. Pay attention to the following:

Agreements: Is the cat sitter on time and has the exchange of messages with them been smooth? Do they honour their commitments?
First impression: Does he or she make a good first impression? Do they introduce themselves, do they have a professional approach, do they have a friendly attitude?
Meeting the cat: Is the sitter curious about your cat and do they give the cat time to approach and get used to them at her own speed? Does the cat react well to the cat sitter?
Curiousity: Does the cat sitter want to know everything about your cat? Are they asking about the cat's character, habits and little individual quirks? In short: Are they asking a lot of questions?
Have you answered the above questions with a whole-hearted YES? A great start! Now it's your turn to bombard the sitter with questions. To find out whether he or she is a good match, ask them (and yourself!) the following ten questions:

List of questions

1) Why have you decided to become a cat sitter?
2) Have you got any cats of your own? If so, how many? Can you tell me something about your cats?
3) What are your experiences with cats and how many years of experiences do you have? How much experience do you have as a cat sitter on Pawshake?
4) Have you participated in any classes or workshops about pet care or first aid?
5) How long does a home visit for my cat(s) take? At what time will you be passing by each day?
6) What would you do in case of emergency or if the cat fell ill?
7) Do you have a car? How would you transport the cat in case of an emergency?
8) What are you planning on doing with the cats? Will things like playing, cuddling, brushing, emptying the letter box, watering the plants be part of your services, besides the regular services of feeding and cleaning the litter box?
9) How can you reach them? Do both the cat sitter and you have an emergency contact person?
10) Will the cat sitter keep you up to date every day, for example using photo updates via the Pawshake app?

Once you have discussed all of the above: Are you entirely satisfied with the cat sitter? Feel free to sleep on it before taking a decision. If you feel that you can rely on the cat sitter, send them a booking request through our website or app. Once your request is approved, it's final: Your cat will be fine while you're away! Don't forget to leave the sitter a review when you're back!

Good luck with your first meeting!