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Doggy day care
Daytime care, at sitter's home
15 EUR for each additional pet
30 EUR
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About Melisa

🐾 Dog Boarding Services 🐾 Are you in need of a loving and attentive caretaker for your furry friend while you're away? Look no further! I offer top-notch dog boarding services designed to give your precious pup the care, attention, and exercise they deserve.

We are a couple living in a town house with a small backyard. It's just us and your dog, we don't have kids, cats or dogs. 😊

About Me: Growing up, I had the joy of being surrounded by big dogs, and I spent countless mornings walking my uncle's two loyal companions. Although my own home couldn't accommodate a large dog, I found solace in the companionship of my small chihuahua. As an expat living far from my family and beloved pet, I understand the longing to be around dogs. That's why I'm here to care for your dogs with the same love and devotion.

Tailored Care: Working from home allows me to dedicate my time and energy to your dog throughout the day. During work hours, I ensure three invigorating walks, and before and after work, as well as during my lunch break, your furry friend will enjoy extended strolls. Rest assured that your dog will receive ample attention, love, and exercise under my watchful care.

Convenient Drop-off and Pick-up: To make things easy for you, I offer flexible drop-off and pick-up times. If you require alternative arrangements, simply let me know, and we can discuss the best solution.

Experience and Services:

- Services are customized to meet your pet's specific needs.

- We will have a preliminary meeting to discuss your dog's requirements.

- Typically, dogs enjoy 3-4 walks per day, including one longer walk.

- Plenty of cuddles, playtime, and individual attention are included.

Availability and Supervision:

- I can only accommodate one dog at a time (unless they belong to the same owner), ensuring undivided attention.

- My partner and I work from home, providing 24/7 supervision and companionship for your dog.

- No social activities or outings are planned during your dog's stay, guaranteeing focused care.

Safe and Comfortable Home:

- Our spacious 95 sqm house, spanning two floors, offers a welcoming environment for your pet.

- The small backyard is fully fenced, providing a secure space for outdoor activities.

- Dogs are allowed to sleep in the living room or hallway, while the bedroom remains off-limits.

Book Now: Give your dog the attention, love, and care they deserve while you're away. Contact me today to arrange your dog's enjoyable and comfortable stay. I can't wait to meet your furry friend and provide them with a wonderful home-away-from-home experience.

FAQ: About my services:

What does your service include?

My services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your pet. We will have a preliminary meeting to discuss your pet's requirements. Generally, my services consist of 3-4 walks per day, including one longer walk, as well as plenty of cuddles and playtime. Any dietary or special needs will be arranged with the owner, and we strictly adhere to the provided food unless otherwise instructed.

Are you capable of administering medication to pets? Can you provide training or grooming?

Yes! These additional services can be discussed in advance with the owner.

How many dogs will you take care of simultaneously?

I will only accommodate one dog at a time, except in cases where the dogs belong to the same owner.

How long are your dog walks?

Typically, the walks last 20-30 minutes, with an additional long walk in the afternoon or evening. However, the duration can be adjusted based on the dog's individual needs.

How many walks do you offer per day?

I offer 3-4 walks per day, but I can provide more if necessary.

How much time can you spend with pets?

My partner and I both work from home full-time, so there is always someone available to spend the entire day with the pet. We do not plan any social activities or outings when we have dogs under our care.

How does pet care fit into your daily or weekly routine?

As we work from home, we can easily incorporate pet care into our daily routine, providing a seamless experience for the dog.

What is your availability like?

We are flexible and available on the days marked as free in our schedule.

Do you work from home, or do you need to leave the house for work?

We work from home, ensuring constant supervision and care for the pets.

Can you supervise guest pets 24/7?

Yes, although we prefer not to have pets in the bedroom.

Describe your home.

We reside in a 95 sqm house with two floors and a small backyard, offering ample space for pets to roam.

Who else lives in your home? Any family members, roommates, or pets?

It's just my partner and me; we have no other pets.

Where are the guest pets allowed to sleep?

Guest pets are allowed to sleep in the living room or in the hallway outside the bedroom. The bedroom itself is off-limits to the pets.

If you have a backyard, could you describe it? Is it fully fenced? Are the gates secure?

Our small backyard is fully fenced, leaving no room for escape, and the gates are safe and secure.

Melisa's services

At the sitters's home

Doggy Day Care
Daytime care for your dog at the sitter's home.
15 EUR for each additional pet
30 EUR
Dog Boarding
Overnight stay at the sitter's home
15 EUR for each additional pet
40 EUR

At your home

Dog Walking
An experienced dog walker will pick up your dog from your home for a 30 min walk
10 EUR for each additional pet
15 EUR
One home visit a day
Book a pet sitter to stop by your home to feed and play with your pet
20 EUR
House Sitting
A sitter stays overnight in your home and cares for your pet
65 EUR
Two home visits a day
Two drop-in visits for your pet
30 EUR

Melisa also offers

Pick up / drop off

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards


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Doggy Day Care
Lysbeth, 2023-12-03

Archie started hugging Melisa straight away and was very happy when I picked him up. It was his first time with a sitter, so I appreciate Melisa taking the time to help him through :) Thank you!!

Dog Boarding
Nicole, 2023-12-02

I was so nervous about leaving our dog Manny, as he can be a little bit challenging at times, but Melisa and her partner put me well at ease with regular photo updates of him comfortable with them! :) thanks again

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Melisa's home

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I speak English & German & Other
+10 years of experience

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🐾 Dog Boarding Services with Love 🐾

Doggy day care
Daytime care, at sitter's home
15 EUR for each additional pet
30 EUR
All services and rates
Contact Melisa

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards

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