I Will Spoil Your Pets!

I Will Spoil Your Pets!

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Hi, I'm Madalina!

I relocated to The Netherlands last year and I don't know if I chose the cats or the cats chose me, but here I am waiting to meet my next feline companion(s) and making a living from what is probably the best job in the world. That is not to say I have something against dogs or other furry creatures, but I am balancing a flexible and busy schedule with petsitting and so far cats turned out to be the most understanding towards that aspect. In exchange I offer them my full attention, plenty of treats and cuddles, turn a blind eye when they're scratching the furniture and don't complain when they sit on my head. 

I currently offer both housesitting and daily visits. Here is what you should expect when you book me:

- First of all, I offer unbeatable rates for housesitting. That is because much like cats I like to have some space to myself and escape the commotion that comes with sharing an apartment. In addition to looking out for your pet while you are away, you can expect me to leave the house at least as clean as I found it and treat your belongings with care and respect. I understand that being in charge of everything you own and love comes with great responsibility and I take that very seriously. Of course, daily updates will be provided and I'm willing to walk the extra mile to make sure you enjoy a stress free time away from your home.

- All of the above goes for daily visits too (once or twice a day, depending of your preference and your pet's needs). I will make up for not being there over night by providing a reasonable visit time (at least an hour) and make sure all your pet's needs are being addressed.

- For some reason, I seem to have a high success rate with shy cats. It is very often that I hear "wow, my cat is not usually this friendly" or variations of it while the said unfriendly cat is purring in my lap or giving me a headbutt. Friendly or not, your cat will definitely appreciate being able to stay in its home while you're away instead of a pet hotel, all the more reason for you to consider booking a petsitter.

If you do consider booking me, here are a few things you should have in mind:

- Make your inquiry as soon as possible. I usually operate on a "first come, first served" policy and I am surprised to see how far ahead people plan things in this country. I already have bookings for 4-5 months for now so make sure you get a spot by contacting me early.

- Provide me with a few details about your pet, especially if there are special requests that need to be taken into consideration, like medication or behavioral quirks.

- Consider doing a meet and greet soon, to make sure I and your pet are compatible. Don't hesitate to ask me questions :)

Looking forward to meeting you and your pets!


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