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Doggy day care
Daytime care, at sitter's home
10 EUR for each additional pet
30 EUR
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Elisabeth is currently not available to accept new requests.

About Elisabeth

Hello - Good day!

My name is Elisabeth. I've been dog sitting through Pawshake in The Hague for almost 2 years now. I love dogs and cats and have a great experience meeting so many new dogs, cats, and clients through this website!


- I just started a Monday-Friday 9-5 job, so must be away during workdays.

- I live with 2 cats, so cannot accept dog boarders in my home (I can only do dog sit for your pet at your home). However, cats are welcome to come here if you need somewhere to board your cat!

Now, some more info ...

What I offer:

- Dog sitting (I come over to your house and spend the day and night with your puppy while you are away)

- Dog walking

- Cat boarding (you can drop your cat off here if you need to be away for a few days)

My background: I moved to The Hague from Washington, DC to be with my partner who works here. I have been dog sitting since 2011 when I shared a home with a yellow lab and fell in love with the friendliness, the loyalty, and the health benefits of dogs. Since then, I've been dog sitting for friends, neighbors, and on American dog sitting websites before coming here. I have come across dozens of breeds, and am comfortable with all kind of breeds, age ranges, obedience levels, and even anxiety / aggression needs.

My location: I live near the Voorhout but can travel for a dog I really like. One of my favorite dogs lives in Delft!

Breeds I'm most familiar with: labradors, lab dogs, street dogs / mixed breeds, German shepherds, akitas, beagles, Westies, greyhounds, golden retrievers, poodles, pit bulls , boxers, huskies, pugs, border collies, Boston terriers, English sheepdogs , vizslas, Australian shepherds, maltese, Belgian malinois, pointers, Australian cattle dogs, malamutes, basset hounds, French bulldogs, Bernese mountain dogs, collies, and more.

Ages: I have cared for dogs of all ages, from newborn puppies to elderly dogs. Puppies are cute but probably the most work! Elderly dogs need special care too, as over-exercising can harm their bones and cause limps and they show pain and exhaustion in different ways than younger dogs.

Medication: I have experience caring for sick and disabled dogs as well, including dogs who need seasonal medication, stool and flea medicine, anxiety medicine, and ear gel.

Behavior issues & Special needs: I am accustomed to caring for nervous dogs who are afraid of thunderstorms or by loud noises on walks, or who react nervously when their parents are away by not eating or being very reluctant around new people. I also have cared for retired service dogs who require lots or word and command memorization. I have also worked with dogs who have special needs, including deaf dogs, dogs who only respond to clickers or e-collars, or dogs who need special precautions because they are aggressive toward other dogs and / or humans.

Meet and greets: I am in this because I love dogs, so I fully expect you to meet me and ensure I am a good fit for your dog or cat before deciding to book with me. I am happy to come and do a meet and greet prior to the booking. Several dogs I know a long time to become friendly and relaxed around their new sitter, so I am happy to do a 'meet and greet' and test walk to see if your dog likes me before booking anything.

Communication: I use whatsapp most of the time to communicate with dog parents, but will write to you in whichever medium you prefer. I send quite a few pictures every day, but don't expect to respond to each message!

What dog sitting looks like: In essence, I replace you in your home while you are away! I come over with a backpack full of food and clothes for myself and a book to read. I get the key from you in advance or exchange it with you right before you leace. I have notes about your pet's routine, the walks they need, their feeding schedule, etc., and maintain that while you are away. I send you lots of pictures and updates. I spend the days and nights with your pet until you come back (I do have to be at work MF during regular work hours, however).

Cats: I started out a dog lover but fell in love with my partner's cats when I moved in with him. I am now comfortable handling, playing with, and caring for cats. On pawshake, most of my 'business' comes from dogs, but before I forget, I want to also mention that I can care for your cat if you need, or you are welcome to drop your cat off here. We have 2 very social cats here at home and my partner is a total cat guy.

Elisabeth's services

At the sitters's home

Doggy Day Care
Daytime care for your dog at the sitter's home.
10 EUR for each additional pet
30 EUR

At your home

Dog Walking
An experienced dog walker will pick up your dog from your home for a 30 min walk
10 EUR for each additional pet
13 EUR
One home visit a day
Book a pet sitter to stop by your home to feed and play with your pet
15 EUR
Two home visits a day
Two drop-in visits for your pet
27 EUR
House Sitting
A sitter stays overnight in your home and cares for your pet
40 EUR

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards


Profile accuracy
Treatment of animals
House Sitting
Eva, 2019-05-15

Elisabeth took care of our 3 months old puppy for the weekend. Our puppy had such a nice time with her, he was really relax when we arrived. She sent us lots of pictures and messages during the day. We can really recommend her and will ask her for sure again!

Dog Walking
Omar, 2019-03-20

Totally recommend her!

We recently re-book Elisabeth for a last-minute walk. She was very kind in accommodating our request even when it was in such a short notice.

As always, she kept us up-to-date with all the details of her walk with our dog Winter.

Elisabeth always makes you feel re-assured about your dos's well- being.

She has a lot of experience.

Thanks again!

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Elisabeth's Pets

Earl Grey

About Elisabeth's Home

Accepted pets

< 1 year
Dog sizes
0-80 kg
Dog ages
0-20 years
Dog sex
Female & Male
all kinds

Elisabeth's home

An appartment
A large outdoor area
Has no kids
24/7 Supervision

Walking areas

Nearby off-leash dog area
Urban & City park


Specific Skills

I speak English & Dutch & Spanish
+5 years of experience
Familiar with dog training techniques
I can take care of exotic animals

- Puppy training and sitting, kitten sitting

- Aggressive dogs (walking in a way that keeps the dog away from other humans and / or other dogs)

- Service dog sitting (maintaining training, commands, hand signals, etc.)

- Caring for elderly dogs (slow walks, joint soothing, no stairs, no hard running, etc.)

- Care for cats, indoor and outdoor

- Administration medication (seasonal medication, stool firming medication, flea medication, anti-anxiety pills, etc.)

- Dogs who are afraid of storms or large trucks

- Dogs who need special convincing to eat (cheese, butter, the trick or your recommendation!) When parents are away

- Deaf dogs and dogs with disabilities who require special signaling

- e-collar and clicker training dogs

- rescue dogs who take a long time to warm up or have special needs with regard to aggression therapy

Can Administer

Oral medications

Experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Rescuing pets
Behavioural problems




Dog Lover Available For Sitting!

Den haag
Doggy day care
Daytime care, at sitter's home
10 EUR for each additional pet
30 EUR
All services and rates


Elisabeth is currently not available to accept new requests.

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards

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