Pets are good for childrens’ wellbeing

Pets are good for childrens’ wellbeing


We all know that children love animals and enthusiastically ask Mum and Dad when they can have a pet of their own. A recent study indicates that pets can even help relieve stress and anxiety disorders in kids. This means that they can contribute substantially to your child's wellbeing. But what is it about a pet that provides great therapy for a child?

Pets can play an important role in the life of a child. A pet can be a really important friend for a child and a great remedy for loneliness too. Thanks to a new study, we now know that pets can reduce stress and anxiety. This is because the child is in contact with the pet, builds a relationship of trust with it and can develop self-confidence and social skills as a consequence.

Besides advantages for mental health, pets have a positive impact on our physical wellbeing as well. Children with pets get more physical exercise than children without any pets. Thanks to activities like walking and playing with the pet, they often are at a healthier weight. Also, children who grow up with dogs or cats are less likely to develop an allergy.

Learning to handle pets responsibly
The above tells us that it is a good idea to raise your child with pets. But the pet's wellbeing is just as important as that of the child. Teach your child how to handle pets at a young age. Get him or her involved in the raising and training of your dog or cat. It's not just a valuable learning experience, it's also fun! Your child can discover how to handle pets in a gentle way. Teach them to approach the pet calmly and stroke them softly. Give the pet a place to withdraw if he or she doesn't want to be stroked at any given time. Show the child how caring for a pet is a big responsibility and requires time, money, commitment and love. You already know, and so will your child, that it is absolutely worth it!

Photo: Arne Hjorth Johansen

Becoming a host family for pets
In order to let your child get acquainted with pets, you can register as a host family for dogs, cats or other pets. As a Pawshake host family, you help pet owners by caring for their pet. You can make an owner very happy by being a good pet sitter while they themselves can't always be there for their beloved pet. In the meantime, you and your family can enjoy the company of a sweet dog or cat. A win-win situation! Would you like to be a pet sitter? Read all about it here.