The Pawshake Halloween Special

The Pawshake Halloween Special


Coming 31 October, it’s Halloween for you and your pet! That’s why we made this little Halloween Special for you to give you some spooky tips for you and your pet.

Safety for your pet

  • We humans like to get spooky, but pets can be very stressy around our festivities and get confused, bark, get scared etc. Keep your dogs in a quiet place without any commotion. If your dogs are reactive to your doorbell, switch it off so they won’t be disturbed by the children who are trick-or-treating. You can hang a bag full of sweets on your front door to avoid any tricking ;-)
  • Will you be out celebrating Halloween yourself? Give your pet a nice evening too by hiring a pet sitter
  • Keep your (black) cat inside to keep her safe from any “jokers”
  • With all the candles around, make sure your pet doesn’t get burned
  • Your pet is not a doll. Some cute little halloween-themed coats that keep them warm are okay but fussy, uncomfortable costumes are not fun for your cat or dog at all
  • Make sure your pet doesn’t get hold of all the treats :-)

Spooooky home-made dog treats

Get baking and let your dog enjoy these spooky cookies! So tasty!

You can find the recipe here.

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Do you need a sitter to watch your dog or cat during the holidays? Find a great and trustworthy sitter in your area now.