Jobs for pet lovers

Jobs for pet lovers


Vets, groomers, dog trainers, ... are among the most common jobs we know of. But let's talk about other jobs that involve working with animals... Here are a few listed for your interest.

1. Pet insurer

Of course you want to care for your pet as much as possible, but it can be very expensive. A trip to the vet can be very costly. Petplan is the most well known insurance provider for your pets. It is recommended by your local vet and very cost effective.

2. Petfood taster

It's not just cats and dogs that eat pet food. Oh no, there is such a thing as a 'petfood taster'! Yes, you heard right! Humans get paid to eat and test pet food products! The good news is that it pays really well. The downside (and the reason it pays so well) is that you need to be willing to eat every part of the animal that makes up the delicious jelly like cat and dog food! Scrumptious I hear you say!

3. Pet sitter

Let your passion for animals turn into a profession! A pet sitter is a great alternative instead of having to board your pet in a kennel. Your pet can have the luxury of staying at someone's family home. If you can't have a pet of your own, but would love to take one into your home now and then why not become a pet sitter with Pawshake. Spoiler alert: it’s a really awesome job!

4. Pet psychologist

Pets have emotions too. Pet psychologists can look at behavioural patterns and try to understand the psycological reasons behind this. Many could be suffering from something that happened to them when they were very young. Would you like to solve behavioural problems in dogs? Then this is the job for you!

5. Stewardess at Pet Airways

Don't want to leave your lap dog in the luggage compartment or an airplane? Being a stewardess for Pet Airways is a great job if you love animals and travel combined!

If you would like to be a pet sitter, register now at Pawshake!

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