How to walk multiple dogs

How to walk multiple dogs


If you are active as a pet sitter in your neighbourhood, you may sometimes want to walk several dogs at the same time. Perhaps you would like to take your own dog along too when walking your Pawshake dog, or perhaps you have more than 2 dogs staying with you that you would like to walk together. It is quite difficult to have all the dogs walk next to you in a well-mannered way without getting all the leads entangled. That‘s why we‘re giving you some tips how you as a dog sitter can walk multiple dogs at once.

Practice with only one dog at first
Before you go for a walk with more than one dog, it is important to have a bond of trust with each individual dog. It‘s important that the dog is calm and at ease around you. Practice walking without pulling on the lead separately with each dog. Does the dog pull a lot? If this is the case, stop walking right away. Wait until the dog himself releases the tension on the lead and continue walking once he does. When you are able to walk each dog comfortably and you communicate well with them, you can introduce the dogs to one another.

Getting used to each other
When walking two or more dogs, you‘re officially a pack. This means that the dogs will start to develop a relationship. While some want to play right away, others will have a bit of a “wait and see”-attitude. Observe their behaviour and give them time to get used to each other. Meet on neutral ground, preferably outside: A walk is the best way of getting to know each other.

Leads of the same length
If you have walked more than one dog before, you know how much of a hassle the leads can be. They get entangled and it seems as if you can never have enough hands to manage your group. Don‘t use flexi leads and make sure that all the leads are the same length. That makes things easier for you and it prevents the dogs from wandering off in different directions. It‘s also possible to split the “pack”: One dog to the left and one to the right.

Convenient leads
If you do a lot of dog sitting, it might be worth getting a special lead. It‘s definitely useful to have a couple of leads of the same length, especially for your “pack”. Another possibility is a splitter, which offers the possibility to join several leads together. This way, you have only one lead in your hand and all dogs have the same amount of space. What works best is an adjustable splitter: you can set it lower (towards the dogs) or higher (towards you). The latter is nicer for the dogs, as it will allow them more freedom of movement.

If you let the dogs off lead, they need to have a reliable recall

Off lead
It's lovely when the dogs can run around and be let off the lead, but sometimes it can be difficult as it is hard to keep control of more than one dog at a time. As a dog sitter, you have a huge responsibility: Returning all dogs safely. Make sure the dogs have a solid recall and only let them off in safe off-lead areas without any traffic. Are you doubting whether a dog will come when called? Then don‘t let him off the lead and perhaps take along a long lead for him.

It‘s all about having fun during the walk. If you are feeling comfortable and the dogs are happy, you‘re doing it right! Perhaps you have found other ways for walking several dogs? Let us know! Have a fun during your next walk :-)