DIY: Make your own cat toys!

DIY: Make your own cat toys!


Cat owners know only too well: every small object that's left lying around is a potential cat toy. It simply needs to be light and springy, and smell irresistible! So why buy expensive cat toys when they are so easy to make at home? You can be as creative as you wish. And a homemade cat toy makes the perfect gift for your cat sitter!

Photo: Sunny Ripert

What you'll need:

  •     dried catnip (also known as catmint or catswort, can be purchased online or from a pet shop)
  •     fleece, felt or another cheerful material that doesn't readily fray
  •     a wooden stick
  •     feathers (available from arts and crafts stores)
  •     paper
  •     empty toilet rolls
  •     wool
  •     sisal string

and possibly:

  •    a needle & thread
  •    scissors

Toys containing catnip

The key to an alluring cat toy is catnip. It's a minty plant containing oils that your cat finds irresistible!  Many shop-bought cat toys also contain dried catnip. It's completely safe for cats and they love it! So, fashion "pockets" from pieces of fleece and then fill them with catnip. You can optionally wrap the toy in sisal string. Whilst you can of course come up with all sorts of fun shapes, such as a mouse or heart, you can also keep it simple. Just take a rectangular piece of fleece and pop one teaspoon of catnip inside. Then roll the fleece up, tie a knot in it and hey presto! Watch the tutorial here

Catnip (Latin name: Nepeta)

Making little balls

Small, lightweight balls that can be readily toyed with are ideal for your cat! For this you can make use of either a rolled up piece of paper or a ping-pong ball. Alternatively you can make a ball from an empty toilet roll. Simply cut small rings from the toilet roll and then fashion into the shape of a ball. You can additionally place something stimulating inside, such as a little bell.

Photo: Pinterest

Get dangling!

A good cat teasing wand awakens your cat's hunting instinct! All you need is a simple stick, a piece of string and some feathers. Just tie all of these together and then dangle temptingly in front of your cat! Of course you can also let your creativity run wild. Tip: pop to your local market where you'll find all sorts of fluffy fabrics, feathers, bells, buttons and other items that make cat toys extra fun.

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